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SATURDAY, MAY 28, JUNE 4, 11, & 18, 2022

Self-Love & Discovery Women’s Circle

We are so excited and honored to introduce the Self-Love and Discovery Women’s Circle lead by our very own Claudia Lailhacar. This circle will take place every Saturday for 4 weeks starting on May 28th. This experience will help guide you to deepening your self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-love, and acceptance. In order to maintain the integrity and energy of the group, we are limiting it to 5 women only.


Secure your spot

Secure your spot ASAP with a $50 deposit – simply click the button below, or call us today on (604) 317-6172 with any questions.

Claudia is our Plant Medicine Microdosing coach and expert. Whether you have experience with Plant Medicine or not, we invite you to join this powerful women’s circle.

The cost is $250+GST per person and includes:

  • One month’s supply of plant medicine
  • One journal
  • Four 90-minute sessions which include an abundance of love, support & healing

What Can You Expect?

Week 1

Meet & Greet; Setting intentions; Grounding tools; Planning our journey.

Week 2

Checking in; Q&A; Reinforcing tools.

Week 3

Checking in; Discuss & Plan Integration.

Week 4

Final check in; What’s next & how to move forward.

Course Instructor



🍄 Microdosing Coaching
🌌 Psychedelic Integration
🌿 Spiritual Coaching
🌿 Holding Space Facilitator

Claudia has a wealth of personal experience with plant medicines and more specifically, medicinal and psychedelic mushrooms. In addition to her hands-on experience, she has also completed several formal psychedelic therapy and plant medicine training courses. Claudia also has extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition and is a former competitive athlete.

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