Claudia Lailhacar
[Fluent in English & Spanish]

🍄 Microdosing Coaching
🌌 Psychedelic Integration
🌿 Spiritual Coaching
🌿 Holding Space Facilitator

Claudia has a wealth of personal experience with plant medicines and more specifically, medicinal and psychedelic mushrooms. In addition to her hands-on experience, she has also completed several formal psychedelic therapy and plant medicine training courses. Claudia also has extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition and is a former competitive athlete.

At a very early age, Claudia knew she was an empath, someone who understands and shares others’ feelings more than the average person. She could feel people’s emotions and energy by just being in their presence. Claudia thought it to be a curse while growing up but now understands it is a gift. Throughout the years, Claudia had her own struggles with anxiety and health, but with deep inner work, which included daily meditation, plant medicines, breath work, yoga and other healing tools, she has found inner peace and balance in her life.

Claudia has always felt the need to help others, to hold space and truly listen to them. As her awareness has changed, so has the world around her, and she decided to listen to the calling she has had throughout her life, which is to help guide others in their own healing journeys. Claudia believes that we all have an inner healer—we just need to tap in and listen.


The Guiding Presence – Spiritual Care in Expanded States of Awareness
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San Francisco Psychedelic Society – The Microdosing Movement (psilocybin & amanita)
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Psychedelic Support – Principles of Psychedelic Harm Reduction
Insight Global Academy – Nidra Yoga: Moving through States of Consciousness
Tam Integration – Creating Community Psychedelic Integration Circles
Canadian Psychedelic Association – Member

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