Reinventing the way mental health and wellness is addressed

Our Philosophy
Research-Led Personalized Treatment

Conscious Mind Clinic is reinventing the way mental health and wellness is addressed with our one-of-a-kind, research-led Personalized Treatment Platform. We will be incorporating unique treatment protocols and alternative medicine formulations, including nature-derived psychedelics, that will provide immediate benefits to our patients.

Holistic Health

Conscious Mind Clinic will employ a wide range of modalities as part of its personalized treatment offerings, including psychedelic therapy and integration, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, yoga and massage therapy. We will incorporate a wide range of natural medicines, including plants, herbs and our specialty, psychoactive plants and medicinal mushrooms.

Alternative Medicine "Toolbox"

Our holistic approach to addressing mental health and cognitive performance means we use an alternative medicine “toolbox” to create personalized treatments, medicines and supplements for each and every individual we work with.

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